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Dr. Timothy Atkins will be beginning his 6th  year as our pastor in the summer of 2023.   We feel very blessed to have him leading our church.  Tim is married to Teresa and they have 2 children, Andrew and Leah.  They also have a precious granddaughter, Charley!

Although our Wednesday Night Together is over for the fall.  You can still access Pastor Tim’s discussion on the following topics by following this link to our YouTube Archives.   By clicking the link you will be directed to our You Tube archives where you can search for UMC Bible Study by date.  

I asked you to submit questions that you want to discuss in a more in depth way than you’ve been able to do.  You responded with numerouse questions.  I wish I could cover all the questions that were submitted, but alas, time requires some restraint.

As you might imagine the questions were varied in subject matter.  I hope I have chosen questions that all of you will find interesting and fruitful for discussion.

Herewith are the questions/issues I have chosen amoun those you submitted:

1)  Please explain the Doctrine of Predestination and the Doctrine of Divine Foreknowledge, and how they are related or not.

2)  Please explain the Biblical teachings about “Hell”, particularly as related to United Methodist beliefs.

3)  What do/should we believe about the Bible, and what are the best ways/practices to use the Bible in personal faith development?

4)  The United Methodist Church and many others are dealing with theological issues related to the LBGTQ community.

     A)  How should Christians respond/interact with members of that community?

     B)  Would ordination of someone from the LBGTQ community be a sin?

     C)  Are LBGTQ persons damned?

5)  Israel discussion

Grace and Peace,